It's a Bird, It's a Plane, No It's Spiderman!

My Nephew's Birthday

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Today is my nephew’s 4th Birthday, wearing a face mask and face shield, I decided to do a quick visit to drop off our birthday gift and greet him Happy Birthday.

But before doing that, my Husband and I decided to stop by at Party City to get my nephew a Spider Man theme balloons. He loves Spider Man and if gets anything with Spider Man on it, it makes him super happy. We weren’t supposed to go to Party City because we originally made him a 2ft x 5ft Birthday Banner with Spider man all over it but it was a bit disappointing when I called Walgreens to find out that the local store did not go through their system because they are having system issues. It’s not their fault but it’s just a bit disappointing when you’re excited about something and something bad comes up.


So we decided to purchase this Spider Man Foil Balloon for $24.99 and few of the Blue & Red regular helium ones that were about $0.99 each.

We see the 36 inches Tall size printed outside the packaging but we honestly did not realize it’s going to be this big. 

As soon as we saw the size of this balloon, we got a bit worried if it's even going to fit our car, which is a regular 4-door Sedan. 
This is my husband carrying the Spider Man balloon as we head to the parking lot.

And here's my husband again, doing her best to make the Spider Man fit at the back seat of our car.

So guess what? My husband did a great job and was able to make it fit inside our car. Reading this blog might make you think that I didn’t do anything to help him but I actually did. And if you are wondering what I did, I push the front passenger seat forward :)

When we arrived at my nephew's house, we were somehow excited that my nephew is going to love this balloon because it's a super huge Spider Man!

When we got inside the house, guess how my nephew reacted? Oh my goodness, the poor thing was scared of Spier Man! He was hiding and running away from the balloon. He said "It's Scary", we were like, Oh No!, did we make a mistake on buying this balloon and did we waste our money buying it?

Fast forward, after having a slice of cake, he somehow started loving the balloon. He had so much energy, was so hyper and all he wanted was to play with the balloon. We were so happy to see him happy playing the balloon.

Him and my niece and other nephew kept pushing the balloon up in the air where it made it look like Spider Man is up the in the air.

This is him all smiling and happy with the balloon!

Event though there was a slight feeling of disappointment that Walgreen was not able to fulfill my order for the Birthday Banner, the Plan B of going to Party City getting a Spider Man balloon actually worked out, more than what we expected. It is indeed true that everything do happens for a reason!

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