Girl's Room Décor Finds from Ross

Girl's Room Décor Finds from Ross

Cute Make Up & Pen Holders + Journal Notebook


With back to school coming, many people are looking for some cute décor to spruce up their dorm or home. One place to look is Ross store. For the budget-conscious shopper, Ross offers a wide selection of dorm and home decorations at unbeatable prices. 

In case you didn't know, Ross offers everything from cute pencil cases to an adorable backpack with an animal design. With so many options, you can match your kid's personality and needs. 

There are so many different ways to decorate your dorm room, but there’s always a concern about what’s too cheesy so check out these cute and amazing finds from Ross below!

1.) Girl Boss Holder

I'll start with this holder with a message that says "Girl Boss" on it. This holder is the cutest holder I have ever found so far, You can use this holder to pretty much hold anything but in this case, I used it to hold my pens, pencils, scissors and some tools I use when I do crafts such as scissors, weeding tool and scoring pen.

The picture doesn't do any justice because it's a well-made and well-designed holder that is made of ceramic. It's great as well because it's not something too heavy at all.

2.) Coffee, Contour and Confidence

Then I grabbed this other holder with a different message on it that says, "Coffee, Contour, Confidence" .I love these three meaningful words that were embedded on this holder. Since it has the word "Contour" on it, it made me think of my make-up so I decided to use it to hold my make-up brushes which I think is perfect.

3.) Unicorn Theme Journal Notebook

Oh my goodness, I literally still have some blank Journal Notebooks on my desk that I still have not used but I still somehow decided to grab another one. Why? It's because it has a super cute Unicorn design on it. I easily fall for designs on a notebook so if I find it lovely, I shall grab it.

But one of my New Year's Resolution is to actually start using the things that I previously purchased but never used, such as journal notebooks and makeup palettes, instead of letting them sit on my shelf.

But anyway, if you do decide to go to the store, Happy Shopping  and I hope you find something cool :)

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White Ceramic Unicorn Makeup Holder

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Unicorn Squishy Notebook

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