Pink and Blue Theme Gender Reveal Baby Shower Party Ideas

Pink and Blue Theme Gender Reveal Baby Shower Party Ideas

Gender Reveal parties have become a popular way for friends and family to celebrate the impending birth of a new baby. This usually works by throwing a party with pink or blue decorations, balloons, or confetti. We can also find out the baby’s gender in advance with a baby shower or ultrasound. Would you like to know how to plan a gender reveal party? Here are some tips that will help you make your own memorable and magical gender reveal party!

Celebrating the birth of a new baby is such a special time! And finding out if baby will be a boy or a girl is always such an exciting reveal. In this article, I'll show you how to create and decorate for a gender reveal party - for someone else! I'm a big believer in giving back, and recently my sister-in-law announced she's expecting. With this being her second child, we're all excited to find out whether they're having another boy or girl. To help celebrate this special occasion, I created some really cute decorations that you can use or create yourself for your own gender reveal party.

For the wall decoration, I purchased Light Blue and Light  Pink Streamers, swirled the streamers then taped them on the wall using a regular tape. 

For the "What Will it Be?" banner, I cut out a Onesie shape using Neenah White Cardstock and Wausau Vellum Bristol Pink Cardstock and Color Card Stock Paper Blue for the letters using my Cameo Silhouette 3 cutting machine.

Then I made another banner that says "Girl or Boy" for the dessert table using the same material  I used for the "What Will It Be" banner.

Then, of course, my all-time favorite item to place on a dessert table are the Hershey Chocolate Bars

To save my printer's ink, I decided to test out printing colors on a Hammermill's Pink Colored Paper and Springhill Blue Colored Paper and it not only saved me some ink, it actually turned out really well!

I wrapped the wrappers around the chocolate bar using gluestick and scotch tape to secure the wrapper.

I printed a 4x6 size sign that says "Blue or Pink Wear What You Think" so guests can wear a pin on what they think the gender of the baby will be!

The "Team Boy" and "Team Girl" pins were purchased from Party City.

Then the other usual decoration I include on my projects is personalized bottled waters to match the event's theme. You can print them on a copy paper and wrap them around the bottle using gluestick and scotch tape to secure the wrapper. But since I have a big pack of Hammermill's Glossy Paper (made for laser printers) I prefer to use this material because of the glossy effect on the print.

These delicious cupcakes that were less than 50 cents each cupcake from Sam's club are always a hit. But please do note that if you want a specific or custom color for your event, call their Bakery ahead of time so they can accommodate your request.

I made another 4x6 sign that says "Babies are Sweet, Please Take a Treat" for the dessert or candy table.

 And for these cute utensil wrappers, you can purchase baby blue and baby pink napkins from your nearest Dollar Store and for the labels, you can order a premade one or do it yourself (DIY) if you have a printer, cutting machine, and adhesive sticker papers at home.

Then lastly for this box that I tried customizing is this "Girl or Boy" that I filled with baby blue balloons because guess what? IT'S A BOY! 

 I hope the information I provided on this blog and the photos I have shared inspired you a little bit with your Gender Reveal event! 

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