Easter Sunday 2021 Egg Hunting and Celebrating at Home with my Family

Easter Sunday Egg Hunting and Celebrating at Home with my Family

Happy Easter! This is a time to reflect on the true meaning of Easter and what it means to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Easter is the day that we celebrate Jesus’ death and resurrection from the dead. And that’s pretty awesome. For me, this holiday has always been about the meaning of life and death. And I think Jesus’ death and resurrection is a good reminder for us to live life to its fullest.

I hope you had a fabulous Easter Sunday. I've always loved Easter because the holiday has so many traditions. We all have our own idea of what the perfect Easter looks like, but it always includes these three important elements:

1. Easter eggs and baskets
2. Easter dresses and bunny ears
3. Easter dinner with family and friends and Egg hunting

Due to the pandemic that's still going on, this year's Easter was not the same as the usual Easter Sunday where my nieces and nephews would normally go Egg Hunting to a nearby Park or Place where there's an Easter Event prepared with kids activities are  and thousands of eggs scattered for Egg Hunting.

Although it is not the same as the usual Easter, we still had so much fun celebrating at home with my family. 

We celebrated Easter Sunday at my brother's house where they prepared these delicious Baked California Rolls with Salmon as the main ingredient. 

They also baked these delicious mussels! Not that many people like mussels but seafood is one of my favorite food and these baked mussels were sooooo goood.

Walmart has these cute Easter Baskets that come with empty plastic eggs inside for about $5. It is a bit pricey but since they are super cute, we decided to grab one for each of my nieces and nephews. Then, we grabbed different types of candies and chocolate to fill the baskets.

We also prepared few games such as Scramble Word, Math Problems, and Scavenger Haunt and they were all a hit!

I hope your day was filled with joy and love! 

For those of you who are not religious or don't celebrate Easter, I hope you also had a wonderful day nonetheless.
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