How to Play the Guess The Mommy-To-Be's Belly Game for a Baby Shower Event?

How to Play the Guess The Mommy-To-Be's Belly Game for a Baby Shower Event?

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Babies are a joyous occasion for the whole family. The anticipation of welcoming a new life into this world can be so exciting! If you're hosting a baby shower, you'll want to find ways to make it more memorable and fun. One way is by playing a guessing game with the guests. This will not only bring entertainment to the event, but also help people get to know each other better

There are a number of fun and interesting games that can be played during a Baby Shower Event and one of them is playing the “Guess The Mommy’s Belly" because it's not just a fun game but also a great ice breaker!  This is a fun game that you can play with all the guests at the party and will make the night memorable for all!

In this blog post, we're going to teach you how to play this game, as well as some tips for making the best guess possible so let's get started!


Measuring Tape of Some Sort - find something around your house that can be use for measuring purposes. For instance, you can use a roll of ribbon, yarn, quilt, similar to the items below that you can purchase from Amazon if you can't find one.

Marker or Pens - you will need this to write down the players name.

Paper - anything that you can use where you can write down the player's name. If you have a post it or index cards, these would also work.

Tape - you will need this to tape the name to mark their guesses.

Grab the measuring tape of your choice and measure the Mommy-To-Be's belly before the game starts. Cut the measurement and put it aside making sure no one sees it besides you.

  • Provide the measuring tape of your choice to the players.
  • Inform them the instruction by letting them know to a cut a piece of the tape that they think measures the size of the Mommy-To-Be's Belly.
  • Grab the piece that they cut, lay it on the floor and write down the name of the player so everyone knows who it belongs to
  • Repeat the above step until everyone has their guesses on the floor.
  • Grab the measurement that you did before the game, place it at the very last end and compare which player guesses the closest to the actual measurement.

Then, whoever guesses the closes wins the prize! 


You can purchase the Baby Shower Tummy Measure Game Tap 150 ft from Amazon then all you will need is a Marker and a Scissor for the game.

Similar to the instruction above, you can provide this tape to the players, have the players cut the size they think matches the Mommy's belly and have them write down their name since this tape is made of plastic and wide enough to write a name.

I have personally used this tape in the past and is much easier than finding a roll of ribbon or yarn.
If you need an 8x10 game sign that you can place on the table so that the guests are aware of the game ahead of time, you can print the free Digital File Sign that you can download HERE.
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