How to Make Paper Fortune Cookie

How to Make Paper Fortune Cookie

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and if you're in search of a DIY project to enjoy with your kids or to gift to someone special, here's a tutorial on crafting Paper Fortune Cookies


Feel free to blend various hues and textures of paper, or go for a coordinated color scheme—it's entirely up to you and your personal taste.

If you're planning to gift these to others, consider discovering their preferred colors. For a Valentine's Day gift, perhaps lean towards a red theme?

In this guide, I'll be using the following papers.



To create a round shape manually, grab anything circular, like the top part of a round cup or a small bowl. Flip it upside down on the paper, trace the outline, and cut it out using scissors.

Alternatively, if you have a cutting machine, set the round shape to around 3.5 inches in diameter, as shown in the photo below. On a 12x12 size mat, you can fit approximately 8 of these round circles.

After tracing and cutting out the round shapes from the paper, your result should resemble the photo below:


Fold the paper in half, but avoid folding it entirely. The intention is to glue the sides together. The partial fold serves as a guide, indicating the center for accurate gluing.

I suggest utilizing a glue gun to ensure the firm and secure attachment of both sides.

Apply a single dot of glue at the center of the circle, then gently seal it closed.


Write down your personalized fortunes on small strips of paper. These can be words of encouragement, jokes, or even future predictions. Get playful and let your imagination run wild!

Then place one of your written fortunes in the center of the folded semi-circle.


With the fortune in place, gently bring the two ends of the semi-circle together, forming a crescent shape. Hold the sealed edges between your thumb and forefinger, then gently push the center of the folded side inward, creating the classic fortune cookie shape.

Repeat the process for as many fortune cookies as you desire. To add an extra touch of charm, consider tying a ribbon or decorative string around each cookie.

Voila! You've just mastered the art of making paper fortune cookies. These delightful creations are perfect for adding a personal touch to parties, gifts, or even as a sweet gesture of friendship.

The best part? You can tailor the fortunes to suit any occasion or recipient, making each one a unique and memorable experience. So, the next time you're looking to spread good vibes, try handing out your own handcrafted fortune cookies and watch the smiles unfold!

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