How to Make Folded Paper Hearts

How to Make Folded Paper Hearts

How to Make Folded Paper Hearts
Creating Folded Paper Hearts for Valentine's Day is a charming way to express your affection through a handmade gift. If, like me, you find it increasingly challenging to discover the perfect present for your growing nieces and nephews, this craft is a delightful solution. The Folded Paper Heart is not only a quick and easy project but also budget-friendly—qualities that appeal to kids of all ages!

This handmade token of love is perfect for gifting to your children, friends, or significant other on Valentine's Day. Celebrate the love in your life with a heart crafted just for them. The simplicity of this craft makes it ideal for involving your kids, making it a fun family activity. Let's dive in!


  • Regular Colored Copy Paper of Your Choice
  • Gluestick
  • Pencil or Pen
  • Round Shape Bowl
Trace the circular shape of the bowl onto the paper using a pen or pencil.

How to Make Folded Paper Hearts

Carefully cut along the traced circle using scissors. Precision isn't crucial; just follow the shape as closely as possible.

You should have something like this once you finish cutting.

Initiate the folding process to create creases to help as a guide. Fold the paper in half, then do the same process on the other side

Start folding the paper in an accordion pattern, aligning the top flap on the creases. Repeat until you have a folded accordion pattern.

Repeat the action of holding onto the recently folded item.

Repeat until you have a folded accordion pattern.

Once you're done, you should have something like this with line creases.

Start folding the paper in an accordion pattern.
Begin by folding the top flap aligning it on the crease.

Then flip the paper and do the same process by folding and aligning it on the crease.

Repeat the steps until you having something like this.

Apply a little pressure to the folded piece and press it up and down.

Now find the middle section, then fold the piece in half making sure that the top portions are aligned. If they're not aligning that means you didn't fold it in the center, keep trying until you see that everything aligns.

Open it, apply glue, and press both ends together. Wait for a minute to let the glue dry before slowly spreading the paper to reveal your folded heart.

Slowly spread the paper.

Ta-da! You now have a charming folded heart-shaped paper, perfect for expressing your love on Valentine's Day. Enjoy the crafting process, and share the love with your handmade creations!

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