About Us


 We are Droo and Aya, husband and wife, and the creative duo behind Droo & Aya Crafts, an online shop for handmade products. We have been making crafts for as long as we can remember and have always loved exploring new crafts and sharing our creations with others.

We are passionate crafters who work from our home studio in Southern California. We love crafting and we love sharing our craft with others.

We tell our story and share the process of creating handmade crafts with all its ups and downs through our blog and social media. We also share our favorite products with you, to help you find the perfect handmade gift for someone you love. We post DIY tutorials and videos of us making crafts, so you can also try making them yourself!

We hope you enjoy our shop and that our products bring you as much joy as they have brought us.

Let’s be friends! We’d love to connect with you on social media and show you how to make things! You’ll find the Crafting Connections blog here, full of crafting tutorials, DIY home projects, and more!