How to Make Paper Fortune Cookie

How to Make Paper Fortune Cookie

Valentine's Day is right around the corner and if you're looking for a DIY Project to make with your kids or to give to someone, here's a tutorial on how to create Paper Fortune Cookies.

Step 1: Find the Paper Theme Combination of your Choice.

You can mix and match different colored or textured paper or make it color coordinated, depends on your, it's honestly a personal preference. 

If you're going to give them to other people as a gift, maybe find out their favorite color or colors? If it's a gift for Valentine's Day, maybe the theme red?

For this tutorial, below are the papers that I'm going to be using.


Step 2: Cut a Round (Circle) Shape

You can cut a round shape manually using anything round such as the top portion of a round cup or a small round bowl. Place it upside down on the paper to trace the shape then cut it manually with a scissor.

If you have a cutting machine, you can set the round shape to approximately 3.5 inches in diameter such as the photo below. For a 12x12 size mat, you can place about 8 pieces of these round circles.

Once you finished tracing and cutting the the round shapes paper, you should have something like the photo below:

Step 3: Start Making the Fortune Cookie Shape

Fold the paper in half but do not fold it all the way down. You are going to glue the sides together. Folding it will give you an idea where the center is.


I recommend using a glue gun to make sure the two sides are secure.

Place a single dot glue in the middle of the circle and carefully close it. The glue is s

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